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This letter is on behalf of the New Haven Regional Children’s Probate Court (District Court 200). We have worked with Pappas Diagnostic over the past several years and have received many services from them, including Drug Testing and Paternity Testing, to name a few. We have found their work to always be extremely satisfactory, Pappas Diagnostic always accommodated our same day appointments and treated each of our clients with the utmost care. Receiving results was convenient, efficient, and always done in a timely manner. Based on our experience with this company we can highly recommend their services for they have exceeded our expectations

Shane M. Fryer, MS

Probate Court Officer

New Haven Regional Children’s Probate Court


Winkle Bus Company has worked very closely with Pappas Diagnostics for several years now. Pappas Diagnostics has excelled at the role of being our health care provider and has maintained one of the highest levels of productivity for quality and accuracy.

Pappas Diagnostics has provided Winkle Bus Company with Pre-employment Physicals and drug testing for our drivers and has always taken extra step to ensure my employees are healthy and safe, it is comforting to know, at any point, I can call their facility and speak directly with the doctor on site to inquire my employees as well as my own health.

Pappas Diagnostic takes initiative to go beyond the expected parameters. All the intangibles that lead to success in the workplace are in order with Pappas diagnostics. There will be no unpleasant surprises and I am confident they will continue to provide optimum service to all those they encounter.

I volunteered to write this recommendation for Pappas Diagnostic because I am very grateful for their services and would highly recommend them to potential clients.

Craig Winkle

Winkle Bus Company


Recently Dr. Pappas and I, under the close supervision of the Chief, developed fitness protocols for the West Haven Fire Department in accordance with the National Firefighters Fitness and Heart Program. While utilizing these protocols we implemented a Health and Wellness program which evaluated strength, flexibility, endurance, heart health and recovery from exertion for structural firefighters.

Our program was used in conjunction with a comprehensive medical program for fire Departments across the United States in accordance with the National fire Protection Association and the Fire service Joint labor Management Wellness/Fitness initiative. Our program endorsed a standard sub maximal test that uses the Gerkin Treadmill Protocol has become a popular method of assessing aerobic capacity of firefighters due to ease of use and simplicity.

In closing I would highly recommend both the Gerkin Treadmill protocol and Pappas Diagnostics when attempting to monitor health and wellness of employees in an industrial or professional setting, or when attempting to reduce work related injury and illness.

William Stacy

Captain W.H.F.D. / Certified Peer Fitness Center


It is my pleasure to recommend the service of Pappas Chiropractic and Functional Diagnostic Medicine for your pre-employment screening needs.

As the HR Director for a busy manufacturing facility, I rely on the fast availability and quick response that I receive from Dr. Pappas on our respiratory Fitness tests. Dr. Pappas is well versed in OSHA requirements and his staff are each well-trained on their functions. I receive accurate appraisals in a timely manner, helping to make a recruitment and on-boarding process at Connecticut Stone much smoother while ensuring compliance with OSHA standards and the safety of our employees.

In addition to pre-employment screening, we have been referring our muscular-skeletal injuries to Dr. Pappas one of our treatment options. His care of our employees returns them to work in an expedient manner. His service includes re-training of the employees to lift properly top prevent future incidents.

Dr. Mark Pappas and his office come highly recommended by this company.

Richard C. Coyle, SPHR

Director, Human Resources


"Although we have only been using Pappas Diagnostics for a short time, they have proven to be able to fulfill any and all requests that we have had to date.  I was most impressed with the old-fashioned style of making their patients at ease mixed with the latest technological advances at their disposal.  Moving forward I would higly recommend Pappas Diagnostis to any potential client."

Matthew Levine

Executive Vice President, Hy's Limousine Worldwide


"I havent been to a doctor in decades, I didnt want to go.  Pappas Diagnostics made me feel comfortable.  Going there for my DOT Physical saved my life and I will continue to go there and be monitered and treated"

Victor Serino


"My experience of visitng Pappas Diagnostics was super pleasant and knowledgable. Best and most thorough physical exam (DOT Physical) I have experienced. The entire staff deserves a Gold Star in all areas."

Wayne Porter, Driver


"I felt very cared about, I came here somewhat pessimistic but with the conversations and greeting helped a lot, very well pleased..."

Douglas McClure, Driver


"I came to Pappas Diagnostics for a test and I didnt wait long, it was great, I recommend to everybody."

Mariam Santiago


"I want all to know, I had a great experience at Pappas Diagnostics."

Parris Stribling


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West Haven Diagnostic Testing. Dr Dr R. Mark Pappas provides Pappas, DOT Physical , Drug Testing, CDL Certification, Blood Testing, Hair Testing, Paternity Testing to the following locations: Orange, CT, Milford, CT, Hartford.

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